Mindful living

We all crave a little bit more peace and less stress in our lives! And here I have gathered a few simple guidelines that can help to stop the unhealthy patterns in your life and begin to live a more mindful way!

Being mindful means being conscious and aware of something. Mindful living is simply living in the present moment, being fully aware. Fully aware whilst doing anything, even the most simplest things. Bring all of your attention to what your doing, without letting other thing to disturb you. Acknowledging yourself and your feelings, without judgement of good or bad, just accepting yourself, the situation or someone, as it is. And when the awareness is being brought into any action or thought, a sense of quality and care is created. You become responsible for your actions and you start seeing things more deeply, more alive and you become more alive yourself, feeling a sense of wholeness within. There is less stress, less anxiety and it’s a cure for the depression. Living life to your higher potential!

Our thoughts and mind never stops working, unless you reach such a meditative state, so bringing consciousness into our every day actions and thoughts is a way of returning to our true selves, to our Being. It’s about not letting your mind rule you, and living the life in present moment of now!

Practicing mindfulness

Meditation. Try and make time to meditate every single day, even just for 5 to 10 minutes. Find what works best for you, early morning whilst sun is just rising, maybe before going to bed in the evening. Find or create a quiet, clean space and just sit and practice meditation. And yet before you make an excuse of being too busy, Eckhart Tolle says that even one conscious breath – in and out- is a mediation.

So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can stop for a second. Notice your breath, your whole body. Make a deep long breath, filling up your lungs fully and on the exhale letting all the air out. Keep breathing consciously. Allow yourself to observe and feel with all the senses. But be mindful, don’t let the mind take over! It’s a fine line, when your mind is already thinking about something and trying to put things into boxes. Stay aware and practice it.

Yoga. It’s a whole another world! (: But briefly, it’s a union between your mind, body and spirit with the Divine. Becoming one with no duality, no judgment, feeling the sense of wholeness, peace and true self love. “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self,” The Bhagavad Gita.

Again allow yourself to make time for practicing yoga. Even just half an hour of mindful movement, controlled breath and relaxation.

Clean space. For a clear mind, create a clear environment. Start with simple small things, like making up your bed in the morning, clearing out any clutter on your table, washing your dishes straight after eating and so on. These few simple steps can really make a big difference and help to  find a more organised approach to situations, and also calmer and clearer mind. Go for the minimalism and simplicity in life.

Nourishing your body. Your body is your temple, the seat of your soul. Nourish it, take care of it and love it! Feed your body with healthy natural foods, wholesome organic plant-based diet! And appreciate your food- eat mindfully, noticing all the flavours and tastes, look at your food! You are what you eat! Human cells regenerate after a certain time, so eating colourful vibrant nutritious diet helps the cells to repair and renew much better and healthier. It is important for bright memory, better concentration skills and developing the brain! Also, remember where the food came from! The whole chain, from the grower in the farm to the market or store and finally to your plate. Or maybe straight from your own garden! The gratitude of having food!

As you nourish your body from the inside, also work on the outside! Exercise. Find what makes you feel good, and do it! Do it regularly, have discipline and let your body cleanse through sweating! It’s a way of connecting with your body and feeling it.

Hydrate. Drink enough water! It’s an essential for our organs and body to function properly! Not enough water can lead to unnecessary stress as cortisol, a hormone in our body, level increases when our body and brain become dehydrated.

But as important it is to drink more water, it is also important to drink water correctly! According to Ayurveda, for water to absorb effectively, you should drink lukewarm water instead of cold, add a slice of lemon or even little bit of unrefined salt like Pink Himalayan and sip water throughout the day, avoiding drinking in gulps. And as we should sit down to eat, we should also sit down to drink. So start your day with a cup of warm lemon water first thing in the morning!

Nature. Connect to the nature, Mother Earth and allow it to heal you. Nature has no past or future, it is always here and now in peace and harmony. Going for a mindful meditative walk, noticing all the beauty of the nature, from the little creatures to the blooming flowers and warmth of the sun or freshness of the rain. Listening to the wind between the trees and songs of the birds, feeling the Earth holding you and grounding you.

“When you are conscious, you feel from within, you watch yourself from within. You are just like an island in the middle of the ocean of silence… just a watcher, as if a flame of light at the center of your being, radiating the whole of your being,” Osho


Thank you!




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