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Placing the both hands together at the centre of the heart and gently bowing forward. The light within me, honours the light within you.✨

My first encounters with Nepal has been in abundance. 11 days were spent with lots of beautiful experiences, magical moments and sharing of lots of smiles!

From busy and dusty streets of Kathmandu, where their electricity wire system blows the mind, we enjoyed the liveliness of the capital through crowded streets of the old town. There every shop amaze with the handcraft and creativity of jewels, shawls, mandala painting and all types of souvenirs from Buddha statues to postcards of the snowy Himalayas and the great Mount Everest. And for adventure seeking mountain climbers, every possible outdoor gear you will ever need is to found of the streets of Kathmandu. But while escaping the motorcycle and people packed streets, we came across this rather magical bookstore, Pilgrims Book House. It reminded more like a museum where there wasn’t just books but all sort of beautiful things, from ancient furniture pieces to stationary. And over the upper two floors…you could get lost between thousands of books! All the religious and spiritual writings to classical literature and poems!

For the second day, we took the adventure of the local buses and visited the mystical Buddhist shrines of Boudhanath stupa and Swayambhunath. Monks dressed in burgundy reds, colourful prayer flags blowing in the wind and sending its blessings heavenwards, prayer wheels with Om Mani Padme Hum mantra carved in them. All decorated with marigold flower garlands filling the air with their sweet scent. But those dreamy Eyes of the Buddha, stole my heart. The symbols of wisdom and omniscient, all-seeing, leading to unity and enlightenment through teachings of Buddha.

Boudhanath stupa, being one of the largest in the world and holiest Tibetan Buddhist temples outside of Tibet, has a truly special harmonious energy around. Shaped in a mandala and rich with symbols, it leaves you in a awe and wonder. But the near by temple, invites with their sounds of the gong and monk chants, where you can just take a seat to pause and merge with the lovely atmosphere.

Two buses later and with the help of few friendly locals, completely across the city, it’s 365 steps to Swayambhunath or The Monkey Temple. The site overlooks the valley and the city below. The place is surrounded by the monasteries, green trees and monkeys, hence the name, and has a beautiful story of how it came to existence: it was born out of a lotus flower that was blooming in the middle of the lake that once spread across Kathmandu valley.

It was therapeutic to just sit and watch life happening, with the warm midday sun that wasn’t so burning anymore as the season has started to shift into winter. But just before the sun set, we took the stroll through The Garden of Dreams, little oasis away from the city’s rush and pollution. The sweet fragrance of the flowers and songs of the birds started to fill the air as the evening set and the city became even more alive!

Our days in Kathmandu were over and taking the next adventure, 8h bus ride to Pokhara, had began.

Thank you for the read!

Krista ✨

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