Travel | Nepal II

Continuing the story from Nepal, the next day took us on a 8 hour bus ride along the side of the hills and Trishuli river with scenery views all the way to Pokhara. The second largest city in Nepal, Pokhara is base for Annapurna mountain range hikers. Set next to Phewa lake, with colourful boats offering rides, and surrounded by the green hills that on clear days gives a peak to the snowy mountains and the world’s tenth highest mountain, Annapurna I and the closest mountain to the city, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail).

Here we spent the days being merged into loving welcoming and learning from the Himalayan masters about the arts of healing. But between the free times, we enjoyed the lakeside and cafes. Nice memories will resonate with afternoon walks along the Phewa lake. Meeting the lovely Tibetan refugee women and sharing fruit with the sweet Hare Krishna boys Sogat and Soyam.

But one of the most memorable moments will be Sarangkot sunrise. Early morning wake up and 5am taxi ride up to the village, and the last half an hour hike still under night sky and mama moon hanging above the mountains. Twinkling stars at dawn as we stand still in front of the mountain grace. Every second ever changing beauty as the first light dips the snowy peaks with sweet glow. And then little bit little, the golden ring appearing from the horizon in full vibrancy and break of the new day.

Something so mystical and magical arises when your up so close and yet still far away from to these majestic mountains. The stillness and empowering aura that they embody… no wonder why so many yogis and enlightened ones reside in Himalayas.

The way down went through the small settlements, villages and local people’s daily rituals. Hanging drying corn, goats searching for the bite and wandering hens. But on every opportunity, still adoring the view to the mountains. The sun rose higher, and so the warmth in the air and liveliness of the birds songs. Cars staring to pass us on their way up and caring the adventurers for the paragliding.

Hours later, tired and with sore legs, through the shower into bed. Unusual midday nap and back to life. 🙂

Tihar celebration. The festival of light. Over five days people singing and dancing on the streets. Fairy lights decorating houses. And on third day, honouring the cows and Goddesses Lakshmi. Wealth. Beauty. Prosperity. Saying more yes and agreeing to help and make a colourful rangoli, a decoration usually shaped as a mandala, for the lakeside cafe with vividly coloured rice flour and marigold petals. A sacred space to welcome the Goddess into house. Tea lights and candles. Beautiful and magical last night in Pokhara.

Next day took us back to Kathmandu, with 8 turning into 9 hour bus ride! With one more last stroll through the city and bye mystical mountains and hello next stop, Mother India!

Thank you,

Krista ✨

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