Travel | Sri Lanka

With both feet into the New Year, it was time to say goodbyes to mother India and my travel companion, my mama. From Chennai airports, our ways separated, she flew to Goa and I took the leap across the water to Lanka land.

I never though much about visiting Sri Lanka, but if 2019 is a year to visit this country as recommended by Lonely Planet, then first things first as also my wanderlust was all about those beautiful beaches, tropics and one of the worlds most scenic train rides. Sri Lanka felt like an holiday, a six week long holiday, to be precise, before heading back to ma India. (:

Travel makes you strong. And sometimes it’s not even necessary to actually be strong, but to feel strong! Quoting one of my favourite movies, Into the Wild. You face situations and experiences, which makes you become your strongest version. Taking all that responsibility and independence as you let yourself drop in the unknown. There is surrender, there is trusting in oneself and the people you meet and there is heart space expanding and mind opening.

After arriving in Sri Lanka, and being slightly cheated by the local auto rickshaw driver, I went on solo discovering the local bus system and learnt that Sri Lankans are friendly and helpful people and not always asks for something in return when they help you. So with the late-model public bus, I travelled two hours little up north from Colombo to the western province and coconut plantation where I spent couple of days volunteering at the farm. It’s a small ecological farm owned by the local guy, and run with the help of volunteers and his single employee, Sumani. A local man who speaks no English, chews tobacco leaves, leaving his teeth rather burgundy stained and cooks really (I mean ,really) spicy traditional food.

The farm really just looks much like a coconut plantation. Majority of the large green coconut palms and an alley of the sweet tasting yellow king coconut. I was ever so happy to drink one everyday whilst there, also trying my hand at cutting a bunch off the palm and cracking it in the half, for the yummy meat of the fresh young coconut.

Midday heat left not that much to do but before sun setting it was my favourite part of the day, 10 minute walk through the plantation to the outdoor shower. A simple tube attached to one of the palms, and yet it was my luxury to stand nude under palms, with the setting sun rays on my skin and turtles slowing walking around the long grass and sometimes scarring me for the snakes. (: Yet whist being on my travels, never actually encountering with one.

But on the warm evenings with the glimmering starts above, me and my cutie friend, Emilia, who has been travelling since her birth with her German parents, engaged on plays and laughter.

However, I did not stay there as long as I first planned, the salty waters were calling me, so with the new week, I again journeyed through Colombo and immigration office to extend my visa and down to the south coast. Taking one of the most beautiful train rides, all along the coast of Indian Ocean. From dreamy views to the wild beaches peaking through the lush greens to waves washing all the way to the rail tracks. And couple of hours later arriving in Weligama town, ready to explore the tropical beach life.


Krista 〰️

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