My second Vipassana experience | in Sri Lanka

May all beings be happy –

Bhavatu sabba mangalam.

And just like that, I sat my second Vipassana. 10 days of silent meditation away from the whole world into the shell of deep self exploration. This time in a country of Buddhism, far away from home and all the known, and with new challenges.

Vipassana is an art of living. You learn to accept and see things as they truly are. With an underlying understanding, that everything is a constant change. The universal law of nature. Everything is bound to change. This constant cycle and dance between life and death in every moment of our lives.

After my first course in 2017, read my first experience here, I knew I would come back but I didn’t plan it until it would make sense again to return. I didn’t practice the meditation technique once I finished and yet, I found something that still drew me back. So once I was brainstorming my trip to Sri Lanka, it made sense. I wanted to experience it again, and feel this complete withdrawal from the world.

The world we live in right now is on a high speed. We are overloaded by the information around us. Everything is for our convenience and we are most comfortable than ever. Yet we aren’t free, we are bound to the influence from social media, news, our addiction to internet and the external world happening around us. But the most precious and joyous moments arise from simple stillness. From allowing ourselves to slow down and experience this connection to our True Being.

Vipassana for me, gives this break to slow down. To remove myself from the society and completely focus only on working with my inner self.

But it’s not all just light. Vipassana brings up shadows too. It’s like an spiritual prison where instead of force against one’s own will and punishment, you willingly and with patience face your thoughts, emotions and feelings without identifying them with yourself. Without judgment and also suppression of them. To face them and release. Allowing them to surface, witnessing them and then letting them go. And to carry this awareness and balance of the mind even after the course. Integrating these teachings into everyday actions and life’s situations.

As an old student, some parts seemed more clearer, there was familiarity and maybe even better understanding but in a way, it gave more pressure. Pressure to do better. And it became a challenge in itself. Yet it was like an completely new experience. With different thought patterns, memories arising and mind creating new plans. But besides the first three challenging days where thoughts of stepping out occurred, I found happiness and appreciation for this special sacred time. Embracing this silence and self observation.

Vipassana is truly rewarding and life changing! You have to experience it, to truly know this feeling! To feel this unshakable peace and harmony within and such a pure joy and love for oneself and every living being!

Dhamma Sobha Vipassana Meditation Centre (Sri Lanka)

Vipassana centre finder

with metta,

Krista 〰️

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