fast forward into autumn. | life up to date

Since I last posted has passed quite a few months and naturally I have gone into a whole social media break, well.. I haven’t really shared much since moving back to London, and it was a little contemplation of not seeing a point of sharing to wanting to share but I feel I have settled in again and processed the transitions and the ‘wanting to share’ has taken over. The little OCD in me is threatened as also the oversharing kicks in. But here we go. 🙂

Coming back from Asia (which I still will be writing about), I went into spending spring / summer back in the motherlands of Latvia (also to still be shared more about). Where in my ideal life, I though I will have lots of free time to finish writing my travel posts and sharing my current life affairs to reading my always growing book list. But in real life, although I had a rich and wholesome summer with experiences and events, I barely did anything I imaged I would do.

But still, I managed to organise and lead my first ever yoga workshop series. Universe unfolded a beautiful experience of allowing me to share the magic of yoga with a wonderful group of people. Holding a space under different moons and seasons, the lotus in my heart blossomed as this sacred practice journeyed through me to inspire and share the wholesome teachings of yoga.

This year truly being the year where I had stepped out of my comfort zones and challenged myself to the first experiences, as I set myself into the artistic world of creativity and pottery. Living a dreamy countryside life in Latvian flatlands, together with an artists, and trying my hands at ceramics.

To simply submerging myself back with mother nature. Wandering through sunshine heated pine tree forests to barefoot walking wild seasides. Gathering the plants, berries and herbs from the earth mother to finding myself living the most sustainable and natural I have ever lived.

The nordic nature and family time grounded me back with the roots, and yet I could not find myself staying and my inner nomad leaving back to London.

Once being back in London, I just knew that I am doing the right thing for whatever is to come out of this next stage. The reemerging back into settled life and routine, came with big lessons of surrender to the flow of life and universe. Knowing that the start won’t be easy, as messaged by the Celtic runes picked in the energies of summer solstice, I allowed life to happen as it was for the best. Trusting the divine guidance and grace to journey me through the moments.

Currently, strong with my morning meditation practice, body in to process to harden against the cold showers, wandering mind paused and refocused reading through my gathered books and life’s constant change reminded as the windows from the new spaces frame the always moving waters of the river. Grandma moon phasing through the cycles.

And with the first proper week in with the new jobs, and days looking more organised, I am back to being at ease and excited to see what life holds for me next.

with metta,

Krista âž°

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