morning rituals | mindful living

These past months has allowed me the freedom of slow simple morning life. I love the morning routine I have gradually shaped and found myself excited for each new sunrise and celebrating life’s moments with these little rituals.

The cycles of seasons growing into winter, has made me lay in longer. But as the brighter lights peak through the windows, body first moved through brief gentle stretch sat on the side of the bed. And then awakened in a cool shower. Gradually working on colder temperatures. To skincare routine kept to minimal with sprays of pure rose water and Ayurvedic procedure of tongue scraping.

From bathroom to kitchen where charcoal and crystal activated water gently heated and poured into favourite mug. Adding squeezed slice of organic lemon and pure countryside honey. Sipped slowly and mindfully sharing the moments with close ones. Phone still resting in solitude on most days.

With open window blinds, lighted candle and scents of incenses, finding myself sitting cross legged on my meditation cushion. Following the breaths one by one. With repetition of silent mantra within. Hands in mudra. Connecting with awareness and self, prayers of gratitude and intentions.

Hungry belly ready for life force of plant based goodness. Overnight soaked oats in cashew mylk, with seeds and dried fruit, topped with fragrant cinnamon, tahini and fresh fruit. Eaten room temperature. Flavouring each spoonful with gratitude to the earth mother and healing foods.

Ready for the day to unfold or if time still allows lay out the mat and move the body through the flow of yoga asana and breath-work.

And not everyday may be as slow and mindfully holistic stretched out by limitless hours, sometimes it’s squeezed in, sometimes it’s with worried mind and sometimes a bit may be skipped. But still finding that time to be present, do things with awareness and nourish mind, body, soul.

with metta,

Krista ☼

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